How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Safely

Learning How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Requires Attention

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Learning how to get rid of eye bags requires some serious attention to detail. The reason for this is that under eye bags, baggy eyes, dark under eye circles, or any other term you would like to use to describe your condition, can be caused by any number of factors.

The important thing is that you want to learn how to get rid of eye bags safely. In order to remove bags under eyes in the most effective and safe way, you will have to educate yourself on the various causes of baggy eyes before you can consider ways to treat your specific condition.

When investigating how to get rid of eye bags we encourage women and men to learn as much as possible about their own skin type and skin condition.

A professional degree or accreditation does not guarantee that the best course of action is followed. If it did, there wouldn’t be any malpractice suits.

Under Eye Bags Factors

Under Eye Bags can be caused by any number of factors. Your plan for how to get rid of eye bags will be determined by the factor that causes your particular condition.

Poor or insufficient sleep, sleeping face-down, and stress can lead to retention of water under your eyes, creating a puffy, swollen, tired look. Blood pooling can also lead to the dark under eye circles many people experience. In some cases, the puffiness and bruise-like color may diminish as you go through the day.

How to get rid of eye bags where swelling and water retention remains throughout the day can sometimes be resolved by applying tea bags, cucumber or potato slices to the area, or an over the counter eye lift cream or anti aging skin care product formulated to rejuvenate tired or aging skin. See our article, 6 Essential Tips for How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes, for additional ideas.

(Note: you may be allergic to certain herbs, such as chamomile, which could make the swelling under the eyes worse; if you want to succeed at how to get rid of eye bags make sure you avoid tea bags containing any allergens particular to you.)

Allergens Can Promote Baggy Eyes

As with applying any new cream or lotion to your skin, we recommend doing a small test on the skin behind your ear to determine how your skin will respond. You certainly don’t want to use a skin care product that will cause a rash, swelling, or any discomfort.

Baggy eyes can become more pronounced as a result of a reaction to an allergen or even kidney infection. Skin rashes, a fever, laborious breathing, all can signify a problem and a reason for you to get to your doctor’s office. Your doctor may be able to identify what is causing the allergic reaction or infection. The culprit could be anything from a pesticide not washed off a fruit or vegetable, or a hormone added to meat.

Some Skin Care Products Can Make Things Worse

Be aware that not all skin care products may be right for you. You should be careful even when using natural skin care products (see Are Organic Skin Care Products Right for You?).

For some women, hormonal shifts, such as occur during pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), can lead to baggy eyes.

Avoid salty foods to reduce water retention which can affect the area under your eyes.

Take your vitamins and eat right if you are seriously considering how to get rid of eye bags! Vitamin B deficiencies and insufficient essential fats and proteins, combined with fatigue and fibromyalgia, can also lead to swelling under the eyes.

Avoid stress, get lots of exercise and rest, and surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. Be grateful for what you have and make a commitment to having better skin  and enjoying each day.

Genetics and How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Some people may be genetically predisposed to having baggy eyes, wherein fat deposits, or fat pads, develop over time.

These fat pads can be removed surgically by your doctor in a procedure called blepharoplasty. Another, less invasive option, uses a laser to reduce swelling. In either case, a trusted, well respected, proven professional should be consulted before any decision to proceed is made.

Any surgical procedure has its drawbacks, however. For anyone trying to determine how to get rid of eye bags, surgery can be costly, painful, and can lead to further complications, including infection, the need to perform follow-up procedures, and unsatisfactory, and often unsightly, results.

Getting rid of baggy eyes is not always a simple matter, and not all “professionals” are up to the task of offering the best advice or correctly performing the procedure that is most suited to your condition.

Certainly, before any type of surgical procedure, it would be wise to secure at least one or two additional opinions before agreeing to that course of action.

Surgery for Eye Bags As A Last Resort

If you are researching how to get rid of eye bags for yourself, you must do your due diligence. Learn as much as possible about your particular skin condition, determine what the primary causes of your under eye bags are, and what is the most sensible way to address your condition.

You may opt for surgery at some point. If that becomes your most sensible option, then make sure you understand the potential drawbacks and risks. Do your research and secure the services of the best professional you can find. Get free consultations with at least three doctors and ask lots of questions.

But surgery should be your last resort. Rule out all other options first. How to get rid of eye bags is not an easily answered question and requires patience, common sense, and diligence on your part.

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