Dermajuv Anti Aging Skin Care Products Review

Complete Rejuvenation System

Product Name:  Dermajuv

Rating:  Neutral

Dermajuv Cosmeceuticals offers various anti aging skin care products, including the "Complete Rejuvenation System," which provides one of the best dollar values for eliminating wrinkles, large pores, redness, and age spots.

Dermajuv also makes available more targeted anti aging skin care products such as "The Neck and Chest Revival System,” and "The Eye Precision System," among others, in addition to various acne treatment products. We encourage you to read our entire review of Dermajuv before you decide whether this skin care product suits your particular needs.

The Claim:

The folks at Dermajuv call their Complete Rejuvenation System product "the ONLY Complete SYSTEM to provide BOTH immediate results and enduring age reduction." Unlike other anti aging skin care products that tighten the skin with chemical formulations, “the Dermajuv System provides an instant lift, but ALSO has breakthrough ingredients that trick your DNA into growing new skin molecules like a baby."

The Evidence:

Anti aging skin care products that do what they claim are sure to provide numerous detailed success stories from happy customers along with believable before and after photos. Not only does Dermajuv do that, they also include laboratory images of test patients taken under ultraviolet (UV) light, depicting before and after treatment photos so that you can see for yourself how Dermajuv’s anti aging skin care products work. Lab results are shown with links to report.

Dermajuv Ingredients

The unprecedented use of these three age-reversing, skin-friendly, anti-wrinkle ingredients together in one anti aging skin care product: Renovage, Matrixyl, and Sesaflash.

  • Renovage to enhance the skin's ability to regenerate and heal itself, and to combat toxins and conditions that lead to irritated skin, enlarged pores, sun spots and age spots, as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Matrixyl to stimulate natural production of collagen and fibronectin in your body at a DNA level. Collagen and fibronectin diminish with age, causing skin to become thinner, drier, and prone to wrinkling. Matrixyl helps to reverse the aging process and to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Sesaflash to tighten the skin immediately without causing any discomfort and to moisturize your skin, removing and reducing wrinkles.


  • Combination of powerful anti-aging all natural ingredients proven effective for reducing wrinkles and making your skin look and feel younger and healthier. Anti aging skin care products lacking the right ingredients in the right combination are ineffective.

  • Product stimulates the production of collagen in your body to keep your skin from aging.

  • Results for short term skin tightening and long term skin repair and rejuvenation (targets wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, red irritated skin, sun spots and age spots).

  • Favorable feedback from users, and a high re-order rate.

  • Lots of positive customer testimonials, before and after pictures, lab studies with detailed results.

  • Thorough descriptions of ingredients. Most anti aging skin care products provide incomplete minimal ingredients information. Dermajuv explains why these ingredients are used and how they help make your skin younger and more beautiful.

  • Easy to use and navigate website that allows for safe, secure ordering. Priority 2 day shipping.

  • Customer Service accessible by toll free phone, live chat, email, or postal mail (they have a Florida address). 

  • Domestic delivery time between 3-7 days via US Postal Service, depending on where you are located.

  • International delivery is available via US Postal Service Express Shipping for flat fee of $24.00  with Free Shipping available for purchases greater than $198.

  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed - 30 day money back guarantee.


Not much to complain about. The prices may seem a little steep to some, but a call to Dermajuv indicated the product costs are for 45-day supplies rather than the typical 30-day amounts, which eases the sting a bit. You don’t always get what you pay for, but in this case we are convinced that you will - 30 day money back guarantee makes this a no-risk purchase.

Dermajuv Review Conclusion

A good list of high quality anti aging, anti wrinkle ingredients, very positive customer feedback and high re-order rate, demonstrated results and success stories, and a money back guarantee provide customers a decent option for top anti aging skin care products, but not enough for us to give them more than a neutral rating..

For a more affordable, better use of our dollar, we find our top two skin products better options, Xtend-Life, for your anti-aging skin needs and for maintaining a youthful appearance, and Healing Natural Oils,to address the many different types of skin complaints and problems all of us experience at different stages of our lives.


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